Sunday, November 6, 2011


What struck me the most about this film was how brave these young men were. They knew that they were going to the most dangerous part of Afghanistan, the Korengal Valley, and they were all willing to risk their lives. There was so much danger and violence there, and the possibility of being killed was very high each and every day that they were there. They were at a place where 70% of where all bombs was dropped. The men would be involved in 4-5 shooting per day, and one man said “the fear is always there”. I could not imagine living in fear for as long as these men did.
The scene that was most memorable to me was when they showed the man that was killed during Rock Avalanche. I thought it was very shocking to see the actual true emotions of the men when they saw that he was dead. Actually seeing the man dead, and know that it was real life and not just some movie with actors made it a film that cannot compare to any other. It’s hard to realize the actuality of the war when it’s being portrayed by actors, and this film made it real. They were not acting; it was what they really went though. Just the raw emotions really stood out for me.
I would definitely recommend this film to friends/family. I think that everyone should see this film. It will make people realize what war is actually like. I think that a lot of us here in American forget that we are in a war, and there are people risking their lives every day for us. It would give them a perspective of what these soldiers went though. There not just telling their story to us, they are showing us everything that they went though.

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  1. I am glad you mentioned the bombing that occurred there. The 70 percent was incredible. Good post!