Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ain't Scare of Your Jails

As I see it, Ain't Scared of Your Jails was very empowering and it echoes today in the majority of protests that we see and hear about it the news. The students used a number of tactics to get their point across to the community and even the country. The African American citizens of Birmingham, Alabama protested nonviolently in the diners. They were arrested and then new groups would replace them. The protestors boycotted shopping in downtown stores and it led white citizens to not shop at the stores too for fear of violence. The final event that the protestors did was to take part in "freedom rides" to integrate the interstate bussing systems by traveling from D.C. to there "hopeful" destination of New Orleans. Not many made it there because of the severe beatings they knowingly were to meet. They didn't care, they were courageous and as Jim Zwerg, a white man said, We're going to take beating. We're willing to accept death, but we'll keep coming..." To me, that is real courage.

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