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Exploration Three

Hi everyone. I am Ryan Storc and I'm from Westerville, I graduated from Bishop Watterson High School, and I plan to major in Athletic Training. I am a manager at Charleys Grilled Sub. I like to Golf all the time and really just being active.

I asked my mother if she ever spoke of his drinking to friends. "No, no, never," she replied hastily. "I couldn't bear for anyone to know." I chose this quote because this show the humiliation that the family feels from their fathers addiction, especially the mother, even though they are not the ones who have the addiction. This also is a prime example of how alcoholism affect the whole family and not just the alcoholic. I think the writer shared his story because he wants to show the tragedies that a family can face if someone important to them has a problem with alcohol. Also, I feel he shared this story with us because he might be trying to help keep other people from becoming alcoholics by telling us all the problems that come with being an alcoholic. The thing that struck me most about his writing was his courage to reminisce all the bad memories he had and tell us in good detail those memories he had.

Exploration Three

Hi, I'm Casey Hamilton. I'm a freshman and I am currently working at the campus bookstore at the OSU Marion campus. Either after this year or the next I will be transferring to the main campus. I grew up in both Columbus and Toledo, traveling between the two every other weekend. I like reading fiction novels, especially novels based on fantasy. I also spend a lot of my drawing. I hope to work on concept art for games and movies in the future, and possibly make my own comic.

"When I read stories or watched films about grisly metamorphoses--Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the mild husband changing into a werewolf, the kindly neighbor inhabited by a brutal alien--I could not help but see my own father's mutation from sober to drunk" (Saunders 198). This part completely stands out me to because I experience it myself. It's something I see frequently with someone in my immediate family. I see two completely different when he's drinking. When he just starts, he's still the funny guy. But after the alcohol starts kicking, he starts picking fights and attacks others verbally. However, he doesn't become as fierce as the author's father did when he fights with his wife (the author's mother).

Exploration Three

Hello everyone! It’s Leon Ninham Ollie Bird-Conliff, the fellow with the really long name. Just as a little reminder as to who I am, I am a professional actor and in my free time I like to write scripts and plays. Currently I am working on my second book, Necropolis, and at the same time I am starring in a show at the Little Theatre Off Broadway in Grove City. If you’re interested feel free to comment and ask about more details and I’ll send you dates and times. Well, that’s me. If you keep forgetting who I am just think of me as the guy who sits next to Mike every day.

“’No!’ he roared. ‘Don’t you budge or I’ll jerk a knot in your tails!’” (Sanders 196). Clearly Mr. Sanders had a lot of pain built up from the years of dealing with someone like his father. I think he was trying to get all of the painful memories out in the open so he could face them. When things are bottled up inside you tend to want to hide from them, much like his father did with his Alcoholism, he was afraid to face it. What I personally liked about it was the honesty that I could feel in the story. A lot of stories about these things tend to come off like cheesier public service announcements but because Sanders was very honest about what happened in his life I was able to connect better with him and understand where he was coming from.

Exploration Three

Hi English class 101. My name is Tim Millisor, and I play sports, softball in the summer/fall, and basketball in the winter spring. I also rap to the music I write.

"No," he answered. "I'll be back in two shakes." Scott's dad said as he walked into Sly's with a dollar worth of gas in the tank, with the primary reason being to get another taste of his addiction. Scott's mother sent them to watch over their dad, and not let him out of their sights because of the lack of trust they all had for the alcoholic. He shared this part of the story to explain how deep they had to go to try and stop their father from drinking. They couldn't strop him though, not because they didn't want to, but because there was a higher authority telling them not to come along also. Scott showed alot of courage writing this novel, due to the secret they kept for many years trying to hold it from everybody. He let readers know, this thing can happen to anyone and it's hard to control; which is what stuck out the most to me.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Response to Scott Russel Saunders

"Instead of celebrating the drunk as one freed from constraints, they pity him as one enslaved" (194). Alcohol can set you free to an extent but, it can also imprison one in a sickness they cannot escape. Scott Russel Saunders writes about his father's disease, how it affected him, his family, and how he blamed himself for it most of his life. I believe Saunders wrote about his father's alcholism to better understand his own life and to show others how it widely affects many homes in today's society. Saunders wrote with great emotion; filling scene after scene with heart wrenching details from his childhood and early adulthood. His emotion, it what struck me most about his writing. He wrote about something that was very personal in his life with true honesty. Often times I feel writers are scared to be too real with their readers and hold back details and pieces of the truth.

Megan Morgan Blog 1

My name is Megan Morgan, and I am a sophomore here at The Ohio State University. I am majoring in fashion and retail studies. I transferred to Ohio State last winter, and before that I went to Kent State for a semester. While I was at Kent State I was on the cheerleading team. I am transferring to the Columbus campus next quarter. I participate in the Fashion Student Organization club on the Columbus campus. I am the manager at L.A Tan in Delaware. I have been working there for about 8 months. I really enjoy hanging out with friends, and attending Ohio State football games.

“I am only trying to understand the corrosive mixture of helplessness, responsibility, and shame that I learned to feel as the son of an alcoholic”. This sentence really stood out to me because I could relate to it. My father was, and still is an alcoholic and I know the feeling of helplessness, and also the feeling of what did I do wrong. The author talked about on page 193 how he tried to get good grades, and be a good athlete, and do work around the house, and I also related to this because as hard as I tried I also felt like it wasn’t good enough. My father is not the extent of the author’s father, but I a lot of his ways remind me of my dad.

Exploration 3

Hi my name is Raymond Gordon and I'm from Westerville and my major is Criminal Justice. I also work at Smoothie King and have an older brother who is a senior at OSU.

"We had also seen evidence of that in our father, who could multiply seven-digit numbers in his head when sober but when drunk could not help us with fourth-grade math." I chose this quote because it shows in a small part just how much alcohol changed the father, from really smart to basically useless. The reason that I believe the writer wrote this in a way to deal with his own pain and suffering toward the subject of his father. However the thing that in a way struck me in this essay is how the narrator never once says or mentions any good times that he had with his father all he mentions is the pain and suffering.

my thoughts

hi i'm amy.

Exploration Three

My name is Leslie I'm 18 years old and I live in Columbus, Ohio. My favorite color is purple and I live in a two bedroom apartment with my friend Ali.We have two pets, our rabbit named Bosco and chinchilla named Rudy. I love both of them to death. I have two jobs, one at Friendship Village of Dublin, a retirement home, and another at Applebees. I work about 45 hours a week and spend my free time with my friends or working on some art. I plan on becoming an art teacher after college and potentially starting my own bakery.

Exploration Three-Rodney Trout

My name is Rodney Trout and I am from Richwood, Ohio. The last good book I read was Awesome Bill From Dawesonville. I enjoy travel and have been to 42 states and 6 countries.

"Like a child again, I pretended not to see him in his stupor, and behind my phony smile I grieved." This quote is from page 202 when Sanders is returning home with his wife and daughter and finds his father drunk after many years of sobriety. This small part of the story brings back the fear and memories from his past. Sharing this story is allowing the writer to share his experience and hopefully keep others from causing or going through the pain he did.

The most striking part of this story was when he talked about the other people in his area who had not been able to control themselves either. While his father used words, their neighbors used anger and violence after their drinking. I could not believe people would do this much harm to the ones they loved, especially knowing they were doing it.

Explorations 3

1- My name is Emily, and I am an Early Childhood Education Major. I graduated from Oak Hills High school in Cincinnati, OH.

2- One of my favorite lines in the book was when he stated "When drunk, our father was clearly in his wrong mind. He became a stranger..." I have known a few people in my life who lets say "like to drink" and that's really what they become, a stranger. I honestly think he shared this because many people can probably relate to this story. It seems everyone knows someone who "likes to drink". The thing that struck me most is they way he wrote it. He wrote as if the drinking became his father and he didnt always see him as his dad or his father, it was a drunk guy.
Hello everyone! My name is Samantha Spitzer and I graduated from Marion Harding High School in Marion, Ohio. While attending Harding, I was a cheerleading for all four years (two years I cheered varsity football and basketball), I was apart of the mock trial team and international club. I came to OSUM because I wanted to be close to home and close to my job. I work at Arbys as an assistant manager! I plan on studying medicine and international business in hope of one day owning my own doctors office!

Alcoholism is a problem that people deal with every day in society. I, myself, can speak first hand of alcoholism. My step father was addicted to alcohol and my eight grade year of middle school, my father was violent towards my mother and I because of alcohol. The writing shows of a male who survived through his fathers' alcoholism. The author wrote that "I am forty-four, and I know full well now that my father was an alcoholic, a man comsumed by a disease rather than by disappointment" (193). he knew of his fathers disease and he wrote the story to show the audience that alcoholism is a scary thing in society. The author knew himself of the alcohol problem of his father and so did the people of society but the family believed that "father's drinking became the family secret" (195). Alcoholism is just a problem that needs to be dealt with

Exploration Three

Hello, my name Rachel Hornsby. I graduated from River Valley High School, and this is my first quarter at OSUM. I am currently majoring in social work. I live in Waldo, Ohio, but work in Deleware at a retirement home as a server. I have been working there since June 2010, and have been loving ever minute of it. In my free time I enjoy photography, being crafty in someway, music, being involved with my church, and just hangout out with my friends. I am one of four children in my family. I have three brothers, two older and one younger. Some interesting facts about me is that I have green eyes, my favorite color is teal, I've been to Peru & Costa Rica on a mission trip, scary movies aren't my thing, and I was home schooled till my freshman year of high school.

"When drunk, our father was clearly in his wrong mind. He became a stranger, as fearful to us as any graveyard lunatic, not quite frothing at the mouth by fierce enough, quick tempered, explosive; or else he grew maudlin and weepy, which frightened us nearly as much. In my boyhood despair, I reasoned that maybe he wasn't to blame for turning into an orge: Maybe, like the lunatic, he was possessed by demons." Pg. 198. This quote from the book is in response to the biblical story on the demon possessed man. Knowing the story, and being a Christian myself, I kind of feel that this quote has much more meaning than to someone who isn't so familiar with it. I do not know if Sander's father was a Christian or not, but I do believe that having strong faith can play a huge impact on struggles that people deal within life. I feel that Sander's wrote this story to show the effect that alcohol can have on people, not just the person who is abusing it, but everyone that the person comes in contact with. It shows that when you take alcohol beyond it's limits, it can destroy a person from the inside out. I really like how raw and real his writing was. He didn't try to fluff it, or make it sound better than it was. He told it straight. I was really impressed of how he humbled himself to even admit that he too had problems, and that he recognized it. He tells towards the end how work is his addiction, like drinking was the addiction for his father. That just showed how he has learned from his fathers mistakes, and wants to change it.

Exercise Number 3

Once again, my name is Cody Sigrist. I'm from Marysville, and have lived there my whole life. I'm an education major, and i also want to coach high school basketball. I like to read history books, and my favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
"Work has become an addiction for me, as drink was an addiction for my father. Knowing this,
my daughter gave me a placard for the wall: WORKAHOLIC." This was powerful because it shows how anything
we do can be addictive and we need to balance everything we do in life. I believe he shared this, because
it shows even in the best intentions and best actions to one person, can be seen as an addiction to another.
The striking thing about this is that I'd never thought about positive things we do(working hard/perfection)
can be looked at as a negative thing. Life needs to be a balancing act not all or nothing.

Exploration Three

Hey, I'm Claire. I'm from Worthington, OH (A suburb in Columbus) and I went to Worthington Kilbourne High School. I am a political science major under prelaw.I'm a nanny for a one year old named George and also a Hostess at a sports bar called Champps. I work about 40-45 hours a week. I also play soccer and race sailboats competitively. My boyfriend and I have a puppy name Dallas who I love to death. He is a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix and he is the cutest thing ever.

"Father's drinking became a family secret. While growing up, we children never breathed a word of it beyond our the four walls of our house." (Sanders, 195) This passage from the narrative reflects the family's embarrassment about his father's drinking problem. The embarrassment led to a long kept silence by Sanders, his siblings, and his mother. I believe that this is what let to Sanders writing this narrative; it was his way of finally letting the pain out. What struck me the most about his writing was just how much his childhood sufferings affected him into adulthood. He said in his narrative that when his father relapsed back into alcoholism after retiring that it made him feel like a child again. I found it interesting that he could revisit his childhood memories so easily.

Exploration Three

My name is Ryley Mercer. I am 18 years old and I am from small country school with a graduating class of only 75 students. I graduated in the top 10% of my class and was involved with many extra curricular activities. I have one younger sister who is 13 years old. I drive about 45-50 minutes to get to OSU Marion and am majoring in Middle Childhood Education.
I want to teach mathematics and history. I might eventually go back to school to either teach special education, become a speech therapist, or possibly even become a guidance counselor in the public school system.
" I write, therefore, to drag into the light what eats at me- the fear, the guilt, the shame- so that my own children may be spared." The essay by Sanders was very deep and personal. He confessed in writing what his whole family hid and was ashamed of for years. Sanders wanted to to keep his children from having the griefs in their minds like he did. I just was amazed that in order to do this he felt he had to be open and share about his father. Sander was so detailed and open about his family's hardships, despise the fact of being judge. This essay could have created emotional distress for his mother, sister, or brother yet he still wrote it and made the world aware of the effects of alcoholism.
Hi my name is Scott Ordal. i went to River Valley and i like to listen to country music. I am majoring in nursing, and I currently work at Meijer. I live in Caledonia and have to drive twenty minutes to get here everyday.

"Do you want to kill yourself?" I asked him. "Why not?" he answered. "Why the hell not? What's there to save?" I feel like he shared this part because of how personally he felt his father's drinking problem. It helped to show a time where he had confronted his dad about his problem. What struck me the most is how much he shared about his dad and how much it takes to talk about those things.

Exploration Three

My name is Richard Roman. I am 19 and a freshman here at Ohio State. I am a huge hockey fan, my favorite team being the Columbus Blue Jackets. I also spend a lot of time at Lake Erie and like going to Cedar Point as much as I can while I can while I am up at the lake.

The thing that struck me the most in this story was "If he wanted to kill himself, the doctors solemnly warned him, all he had to do was hit the bottle again. One binge would finish him." It's amazing to me that the doctors would say something like this directly to him, basically giving him a death sentence if he touched another drop of alcohol. However this may be the only way to get through to an alcoholic. I think the author shared this story because he wanted to get his personal story out to hopfully convince other people not to go down the same rode he did. This is a life that obivously he did not like and does not want anyone else to expierence.

Exploration 3

Hi, my name is Kelsey Newton and I am a freshmen this year. I am majoring in Visual Communication Design but am considering switching to game design in the next year where I may end up switching to The University of Cincinnati. I am the second oldest in my family with three brothers. I enjoy digital design, photography, playing video games, and enjoying good movies with friends. I live in Powell which means a 40 minute drive to campus every day.

After his final day of work, Mother drove on ahead with a car full of begonias and violets, while Father stayed behind to oversee the packing. When the van was loaded, the sweaty movers broke open a six-pack and offered him a beer. "Let's drink to retirement!" they crowed. "Let's drink to freedom! to fishing! hunting! loafing! Let's drink to a guy who's going home!" (Sanders 201) This essay was very emotional, for the writer to come out and talk about something like this is very powerful. Sanders uses a lot of sensory detail and figurative language in his writing and because of this it keeps the reader interested and I believe it made the story more powerful and made me want to continue to read.

Exploration 3. Alec Vaughan

Hello, my name is Alec Vaughan. I am 19 years old from Dublin, Ohio and I am a freshman here at OSU. I love sports and my favorite team is, unfortunetly, the Miami Dolphins. I love hockey and I am part of adult league team. So, I play with my dad and all of his freinds which are 20 years older then me. It is a blast! i did break my collarbone playing, I had to get a metal plate with six screws in it over the summer.

This story was very powerful; it was full of heartbreak and loss. What really got to me was how he explained the burden of keeping his fathers problem a secret. Sanders explains: "The secret bores under the skin, gets in the blood, into the bone, and stays there." Sanders does a great job of explaining the sheer magnitude of keeping this deep inside his being. Sanders, I think, went through all this trouble to write it to explain how serious this addiction was. It was shocking to see how much this not only effected him, but everybody in his family changed during the tragic loss. This really shows that every action has repercusions that effect all people close to you.

Response to Exploration 3

Hey guys, my name is Courtney Endicott. I am a freshman this year and my Major is Business, eventually I plan on getting my degree in Advertisement. I graduated this spring from Pleasant High School here in Marion Ohio. 108 people in a graduation class makes for a small school where every body knows everything, and that makes for a lot of drama. But I'm glad to be here at OSUM meeting new people and finding new interests.

"When Father was drinking, the house, too, became a minefield. The least bump could set off either parent." This quote describes the sense of unease in his household as a child. Explaining that any small thing could possibly make either his mom or his drunken dad angry. No child should have to grow up in an environment where they do not feel they can make any mistakes. This essay was very powerful, for someone to tell such an intimate part of their life, is an amazing thing. I would imagine that it was a great release for Sanders, like exhaling a breath he was holding in for many years. Sanders writes with lots of figurative language and I think that this way of writing makes his message more powerful.

Sarah intro

Hi I'm Sarah McConnell I am from Powell , Oh and went to Olentangy High School. I am a huge animal lover and my biggest hobby/sport is riding my horse. My house consists of my younger sister, mom, Maya the mastiff, Joe the boxer, and Lola my kitty. I really enjoy all music but my favorite is country. I am not a big fan of reading but the last good book that I read is The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks.

"There seemed to be a leak in him somewhere, and he poured in booze to keep from draining dry." (194).

Natalie Milliron- First Blog

Hello classmates! My name is Natalie Milliron and I graduated last spring from Olentangy High School in Lewis Center, Ohio. I enjoy working out and being healthy and am playing lacrosse for the girls club lacrosse team at Ohio State. I love country music and my favorite artist is Keith Urban. I enjoy writing more than I do reading. The last good book I read was True Colors by Kristen Hannah. I have a dog named Gus who is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. He is the cutest. I am the oldest child of three and the first one to go to college. I love the Buckeyes!
"Let's drink to retirement!" they crowed. "Let's drink to freedom! to fishing! hunting! loafing! Let's drink to a guy who's going home!" (201). I enjoyed this reported dialogue because I feel like I can relate to it. Graduating high school everyone thought it was important to drink to this and that. It seemed as though all summer my friends were using drinking to celebrate going to college or the last summer we were together. I believe Scott Russell Sanders chose to share this personal story because it was a way for him to share his feelings with others. Although I am sure it wasn't easy for him, he knew others could relate with his experience in many ways. What struck me most about this writing was that his father did not stop drinking even after the doctors told him one last time would kill him. His father also refused to get help even once. I would think that after being on your death bed you would do anything to get better! Although I guess that is why Sanders refers to it as a disease and not a disappointment. I really enjoyed this narrative and felt like many, if not all, of us can connect with it.

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