Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exploration 7:RESTREPO

This is the second time I have watched the film Restrepo. I think I got a lot more out of it the second time I watched it. I think what struck me the most about this film is how real it felt. I felt like part of Battle Company during their stay in the Kornegal Valley. Also, how intense the fighting is there. Even one of the members of the platoon said after an ambush by the Taliban “I was shocked.” It really shows how truly nothing can prepare you for fighting for you life.

The scene that got to me the most was easily the ambush that Battle Company took during Rock Avalanche. Seeing the adrenaline run through the soldiers veins and at the same time see them scared for their life. When shrapnel from an RPG hit Sargent Rice, the whole Companies moral hit rock bottom. You saw grown men cry for their buddies. Movies usually depict soldiers as heroes with ice water in their veins, but the truth is they are only human.

I would absolutely recommend this to anybody. This film is very informational and you really get the whole war experience. Even though this is about war, this film does a great job of getting the loss of war, but not showing it. What I mean is, there is a minimal amount of gore shown throughout the movie, if any. This makes the film watchable, even for the queasy.


  1. Alex, I have watched this four or five times now and I get a lot out of it every time. I notice more and certain people in the film stand out to me more as I understand it more. I also see the "art" in the film more: the use of close ups, the music and wailing played in the background during the helicoptor scene at the start, and the montage of images at the end when they leave the valley. There is a lot of composition going on: the blending and shaping of images and stories. When you are good at it, it seems easy and almost invisible. But if you look for it, it's there.

  2. I agree with you on what was most shocking. It was amazing how you could feel their emotions through the film considering it was a documentary. It amazes me how strong these men are and to see them break down and cry for their friends like you said.

  3. Definitely agree. The camera angle and gravity of the situation really made me feel like I was carrying a gun and helping out. Didn't like the feeling but it was good to experience it.

  4. The Rock Avalanche scene was definitely memorable to me as well. I agree that it is hard to imagine a soldier crying because they are depicted as hard and incapable of emotion. Good post.