Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ain't Scared of your Jails

Leo Lillard was the boy who wanted to know what all the big fuss was about. So he went to bothe fountains, tasted the water and to his amazement they tasted the same. I thought this part was very important because its true, we are the same. Yeah ok our skin colors maybe different but we are all people who are just fighting for a chance. I also thought it was interesting how when the SNCC got on the bus the whites sat in teh back and the blacks in the front and in the waiting rooms blacks went to the one for whites and vice versa. I thought this was a really great film and really showed what they had to go through.


  1. I agree with you, we are all the same. Everything used was the same. Granted some standards were different, but everything consumed or used was still the same. Everything those individuals went through would have been rough, but they did it for a great cause and made an impact.

  2. I completely agree that just tasting from two different fountains made such an impression. That was something unheard of during this times.

  3. I agree we are the same but at the same time there are people in this world that believe that they are better than someone else. It just shows that we who think we are equal are much stronger than those who blieve in inequality.