Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exploration 7

What struck me the most about the film is when they went into the Valley. Most people would prefer to stay away from their enemies. Unfortunately, they were forced to go amongst the enemies and civilians to show their presence, and gather intel. The Sergeant says,"It's scary to know that the enemy can walk up, kill you, steal your weapon, and get away."
The most memorable scene in the movie was the part with the cow incident. It was the first time where the civilians came down from their homes to go to the American fort. The scene was also at the peak of humor in the video, which made it more memorable for me.
I would probably not recommend this video for kids or anyone not interested in the war. It would be a good documentary for older people interested on what the front lines of Afghan looks like.


  1. The cow incident made me wish the movie had subtitles since two of the old men started discussing something and we couldn't understand what they were saying. I think it's a bit humorous that the first time civilians come to fort , not because of the war, but because of a man's cow who wandered off and hurt itself.

  2. I liked the cow scene as well. It surprised me that the enemy would go into our camp just to try to get a little bit of money for a cow. To me that would be scary to do because you don't know how they will react, either they will give you money, not give you money, send you away, or kill you.

  3. I found the cow scene hilarious as well! And casey I agree, subtitles would have made it better, I wish we could tell what the two men were fighting about

  4. I really took to the cow scene too. What the Americans saw as putting a cow out its misery the natives saw as hurting it and a bad thing to do regardless. At the end did you see when they were gutting the cow?