Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exploration 7

What struck me the most was when the soldiers were in the village looking at all the injured civilians. This image of the hurt children made me sick to my stomach. I know the soldiers have no choice, but I feel horrible for those injured children, who are not even old enough to understand the concept of war. No thoughts or words could come to my mind when I saw these injured and hopeless children. I just had a sick and uneasy feeling in my stomach. Obviously, what the soldiers saw during their deployment was unbearable. A sergeant himself said, “ I can't sleep anymore...that's how bad the nightmares are”. All the images that they saw of death just haunts all the soldiers and it effects them mentally, enough to not be able to sleep.

The most memorable scene of the documentary was when it showed the soldiers in silence. Many soldiers were interviewed throughout the documentary and many had heartbreaking, gut-retching, or funny stories about the war. However, when each of the soldiers got to the point of silence and just stared into space was that one scene that I'll always remember. In their eyes you could see suffering, untold stories, and unforgettable experiences. Their silence to me, meant more than any of the stories they told. These were tough men, mentally and physically, but they were to the point of breaking down. Nothing is more memorable then those face of those soldiers.
I would only recommend this to people to watch, if they actually want to learn about war. I would highly recommend this video as an educational and breath-taking video. However, I would never recommend this to my family, simply because my grandfather fought in the Vietnam War. War is a sensitive topic for my family and this video would have emotionally been to much for my family, because they don't want to see how horrible my grandfather had to suffer. He had to do horrible things in war, many were so bad that they are untold stories just like the ones you could see in those soldiers eyes.


  1. I noticed this, too, while watching. I wondered what those children were thinking after the bombs and when the soldiers were checking everyone. Would they grow up hating these men or maybe just accept it as their life? I don't know and it worries about this war will affect their life growing up.

  2. It is a bummer that civilians die in the process of war. It shows how precise they have to be with their equipment and the sheer power of rounds coming from the helicopters and jets.

  3. Wars a bastard, but that's why Americas there, which is to help end the war and suffering.