Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exploration Seven

One thing that struck me in Restrepo was how brutal the Korengal Valley was and how no soldier wanted to go there. I know war is brutal and it is hard everywhere in war, but the Korengal Valley is known as one of the most dangerous places in the world. I do not remember who said it but there was one soldier who said that if you told another soldier that you were stationed at the Korengal Valley, they had sympathy for you because every soldier knew that the Korengal Valley is the one place you do not want to be stationed at. Also, something else that struck me was how few soldiers were stationed at Restrepo. If it is one of the most dangerous places to be stationed at, I feel like there should be more than one hundred soldiers there instead of like 50 or so that they had there. One quote that i really liked was when Captain Kearny said that "Restrepo was the most important thing that happened in Korengal." This suprised me because I would think that pushing back the Taliban or killing the enemy was the most important thing to happen, but instead it was building O.P. Restrepo.

The most memorable scene to me was the scene when the platoon saw one of their fallen soldiers. This scene really sticks out to me because it shows the love and respect for one another that every soldier has with each other and when one brother dies, it feels like losing a relative or family member. This scene also sticks out to me because it give us a first hand look at the pain and grieving that the soldiers go through when someone dies and that is something you would never experience unless you went to war or saw a documentary like this.

I would definitely recommend this movie to other people because I think it is important to see what is going on when there is a war happening, and it is also important to see the heroes of this nation protecting us. I would also recommend this movie because it helps to inform us on the war and shows us the true nature of war.


  1. You make some really good points. I also noticed how the troop treated each other like family.

  2. Seems like they could have used more reinforcements at the "most dangerous place ever" instead of sending small platoons. Good Point!

  3. I was thinking the same thing about needing more troops. If this place is really this dangerous, you would think it only makes sense to send in more troops.

  4. Well, OP Restrepo was important in a different way. It showed to the Taliban that the Americans mean business. It also did drive the Taliban back because of the position of the camp. Also, the Taliban had to look at that every day, that had to piss them off!