Sunday, November 27, 2011

Aint Scared of Your Jails

I really liked watching this film because it gave me more insight on the SNCC, because I didnt really know who they were or what exactly they did. The goals of the SNCC were to have African Americans be treated equally to white Americans. The members of the SNCC were people who participated in sit-in, where they would sit at the counter of a resturant (which they were not alowed to) for hours to try and make a point to the people in there. Even though they were beaten, the SNCC members did not fight back because they were non-violent. Some SNCC members also were freedom riders. These people went a very long bus rides to different states, where they sat at the front of the bus to speak out against racial discrimination. When the mayor of Nashville, Tennessee said "it was wrong to discriminate based on the color of someones skin" it was a major turning point during this time. This gave the African American people even more determination to continue on what they believed was right. Many of they faced beatings, and jail time, but they continued to fight.

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