Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ain't Scared Of Your Jails

The black community stood up to get equal rights. They would use sit-in tactics to until cops would arrest them, or till the white community would jump them. They weren't afraid to go to jail as John Lewis said, "...It was a holy crusade, a badge of honor..." to go to jail. They stood up for what they believed in. Some whites joined the movement in going to blacks only places, while blacks went to whites only places. It was a fight for equality, and it was nothing less than a war for the colored community.


  1. Even as their parents worried about them going to jail, the students were not afraid and looked at it as something accomplished. They took what was served to them and kept on going. They proved going to jail wasn't going to stop them.

  2. It just shows that if someone really wants something and fights hard enough for something that one day it will be accomplished!