Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ain't Scared of Your Jails

Overall, I felt the documentary Ain't Scared of Your Jails was very eye opening. I learned even more about the civil rights movement and what it was like for first hand participators. It is amazing what demonstrators had to risk and sacrifice to be a part of the movement and stand up for what they felt was right. In order to make their efforts seen and noticed demonstrators had not violent protests, sit ins, freedom rights, and gatherings where they risked everything to show the people what they felt was right in society and that a change needed to be made. People black and white alike risked being beaten and even killed to stand up for their rights. People sacrificed their freedom, families, and friends to end segregation. Jim Zwerg, a white demonstrator, said, "We're dedicated to this...we're willing to accept death...". Demonstrators were willing to accept death in order to end segregation in the United States. They put everything on the line and I find that amazing and incredibly empowering for a generation of people then and now.


  1. This is amazing. You really show how unequally they we treated, even the whites were beaten. This is just a breath taking statement you've made.

  2. I agree that this movie was eye opening. Although we all know about Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, this still brought unfamiliar situations to my eye. I would hope that I had the guts to stick up to the whites but I have a feeling I would not be as strong as these students were. It makes your wonder about our generation today. Are we willing to stand up for what we believe in?