Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exploration 7

What struck me the most was how dangerous the valley was. There was gun fire every day and a lot of chaos. "it was like if everyone in the world wasn't fitting. They were all right here." When the soldier said that it made me realize how much danger there was being in this valley. I couldn't imagine being in a situation like this.

The scene that was most memorable for me was when a soldier was playing on his guitar and singing. Even though all of this chaos was going on around these men there was still moments where they felt safe enough to try to enjoy themselves and do something to relax them.

I would recommend this film to friends and family because it shows just how dangerous war can be. It also shows that people in the military are human and they go in scared even though they appear not to be. Watching this movie further increased my respect for people serving daily to protect our freedom.


  1. I agree with how dangerous the valley was! That struck me as well while watching the film. It was scary to think that there was nothing around them like literally just this valley and the enemies. I would also recommend this film to my family and friends. I think it would give them a positive perspective on the war after hearing all of what the young men had to say.

  2. The valley scenes were terrifying, i found myself scared for the soldiers ... The fact that the enemy would fire at random was so suspenseful.

  3. I thought it was inspiring that the men could find time to goof around and just be themselves in such a dangerous area where they can be shot at any time. Some of the scenes kid of helped lift the mood after rough times.

  4. I agree with you on how dangerous the valley was. After seeing this film, I for sure would want to be stationed anywhere else but Restrepo. Good Post.