Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Response to Scott Russel Saunders

"Instead of celebrating the drunk as one freed from constraints, they pity him as one enslaved" (194). Alcohol can set you free to an extent but, it can also imprison one in a sickness they cannot escape. Scott Russel Saunders writes about his father's disease, how it affected him, his family, and how he blamed himself for it most of his life. I believe Saunders wrote about his father's alcholism to better understand his own life and to show others how it widely affects many homes in today's society. Saunders wrote with great emotion; filling scene after scene with heart wrenching details from his childhood and early adulthood. His emotion, it what struck me most about his writing. He wrote about something that was very personal in his life with true honesty. Often times I feel writers are scared to be too real with their readers and hold back details and pieces of the truth.

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