Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exploration Three

Hi, I'm Casey Hamilton. I'm a freshman and I am currently working at the campus bookstore at the OSU Marion campus. Either after this year or the next I will be transferring to the main campus. I grew up in both Columbus and Toledo, traveling between the two every other weekend. I like reading fiction novels, especially novels based on fantasy. I also spend a lot of my drawing. I hope to work on concept art for games and movies in the future, and possibly make my own comic.

"When I read stories or watched films about grisly metamorphoses--Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the mild husband changing into a werewolf, the kindly neighbor inhabited by a brutal alien--I could not help but see my own father's mutation from sober to drunk" (Saunders 198). This part completely stands out me to because I experience it myself. It's something I see frequently with someone in my immediate family. I see two completely different when he's drinking. When he just starts, he's still the funny guy. But after the alcohol starts kicking, he starts picking fights and attacks others verbally. However, he doesn't become as fierce as the author's father did when he fights with his wife (the author's mother).

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  1. I agree with the part where you said "he mutates" because that's really what it seems like he does. He is not dad, he is a drunken mutated version of dad/ father.