Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploration 3

Hi, my name is Kelsey Newton and I am a freshmen this year. I am majoring in Visual Communication Design but am considering switching to game design in the next year where I may end up switching to The University of Cincinnati. I am the second oldest in my family with three brothers. I enjoy digital design, photography, playing video games, and enjoying good movies with friends. I live in Powell which means a 40 minute drive to campus every day.

After his final day of work, Mother drove on ahead with a car full of begonias and violets, while Father stayed behind to oversee the packing. When the van was loaded, the sweaty movers broke open a six-pack and offered him a beer. "Let's drink to retirement!" they crowed. "Let's drink to freedom! to fishing! hunting! loafing! Let's drink to a guy who's going home!" (Sanders 201) This essay was very emotional, for the writer to come out and talk about something like this is very powerful. Sanders uses a lot of sensory detail and figurative language in his writing and because of this it keeps the reader interested and I believe it made the story more powerful and made me want to continue to read.


  1. Hello Kelsey! I drive from Marysville so its about the same drive time. Cant wait till snow.. ha. The quote you chose is so sad. Its unfortunate that he gave in to the peer pressure.

  2. I have three brothers too! Crazy life. Like Abby said, it is so sad how people fall into peer pressure. I mean everyone does it, and it so hard not to get dragged into it. I feel like if maybe he would of let his friend know about his problem that they would of been more cautious of not tempting him.

  3. I have a long drive to marion as well about 30 minutes! The good thing about Marion is we get a lot of snow days :)