Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploration Three-Rodney Trout

My name is Rodney Trout and I am from Richwood, Ohio. The last good book I read was Awesome Bill From Dawesonville. I enjoy travel and have been to 42 states and 6 countries.

"Like a child again, I pretended not to see him in his stupor, and behind my phony smile I grieved." This quote is from page 202 when Sanders is returning home with his wife and daughter and finds his father drunk after many years of sobriety. This small part of the story brings back the fear and memories from his past. Sharing this story is allowing the writer to share his experience and hopefully keep others from causing or going through the pain he did.

The most striking part of this story was when he talked about the other people in his area who had not been able to control themselves either. While his father used words, their neighbors used anger and violence after their drinking. I could not believe people would do this much harm to the ones they loved, especially knowing they were doing it.


  1. What state is your favorite? Also, i love the quote you used. I think a lot of us hide behind things to avoid the bad in our lives.

  2. Hey Rodney, thats cool your from Richwood. Did you go to North Union?