Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploration Three

My name is Richard Roman. I am 19 and a freshman here at Ohio State. I am a huge hockey fan, my favorite team being the Columbus Blue Jackets. I also spend a lot of time at Lake Erie and like going to Cedar Point as much as I can while I can while I am up at the lake.

The thing that struck me the most in this story was "If he wanted to kill himself, the doctors solemnly warned him, all he had to do was hit the bottle again. One binge would finish him." It's amazing to me that the doctors would say something like this directly to him, basically giving him a death sentence if he touched another drop of alcohol. However this may be the only way to get through to an alcoholic. I think the author shared this story because he wanted to get his personal story out to hopfully convince other people not to go down the same rode he did. This is a life that obivously he did not like and does not want anyone else to expierence.


  1. Hello Richard. I love Cedar Point too! I found the quote you picked to be striking as well.

  2. I love going to Cedar Point as well! I am going sometime in October :)

  3. I a not sure if he wanted to convince other people to not go down the same road. I think it was more of him releasing his emotions that had been inside him for such a long time. I really liked your response to the essay!