Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello everyone! My name is Samantha Spitzer and I graduated from Marion Harding High School in Marion, Ohio. While attending Harding, I was a cheerleading for all four years (two years I cheered varsity football and basketball), I was apart of the mock trial team and international club. I came to OSUM because I wanted to be close to home and close to my job. I work at Arbys as an assistant manager! I plan on studying medicine and international business in hope of one day owning my own doctors office!

Alcoholism is a problem that people deal with every day in society. I, myself, can speak first hand of alcoholism. My step father was addicted to alcohol and my eight grade year of middle school, my father was violent towards my mother and I because of alcohol. The writing shows of a male who survived through his fathers' alcoholism. The author wrote that "I am forty-four, and I know full well now that my father was an alcoholic, a man comsumed by a disease rather than by disappointment" (193). he knew of his fathers disease and he wrote the story to show the audience that alcoholism is a scary thing in society. The author knew himself of the alcohol problem of his father and so did the people of society but the family believed that "father's drinking became the family secret" (195). Alcoholism is just a problem that needs to be dealt with


  1. Great post! That's why I go here as well. I also agree with your post. Alcoholism is a problem and I have a few friends who unfortunately struggle with it

  2. I agree with you strongly about how it is a problem. I have experienced it as well since my grandparents were addicted to alcohol and my dad was because of the genetics, it is very tough.