Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploration 3. Alec Vaughan

Hello, my name is Alec Vaughan. I am 19 years old from Dublin, Ohio and I am a freshman here at OSU. I love sports and my favorite team is, unfortunetly, the Miami Dolphins. I love hockey and I am part of adult league team. So, I play with my dad and all of his freinds which are 20 years older then me. It is a blast! i did break my collarbone playing, I had to get a metal plate with six screws in it over the summer.

This story was very powerful; it was full of heartbreak and loss. What really got to me was how he explained the burden of keeping his fathers problem a secret. Sanders explains: "The secret bores under the skin, gets in the blood, into the bone, and stays there." Sanders does a great job of explaining the sheer magnitude of keeping this deep inside his being. Sanders, I think, went through all this trouble to write it to explain how serious this addiction was. It was shocking to see how much this not only effected him, but everybody in his family changed during the tragic loss. This really shows that every action has repercusions that effect all people close to you.

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  1. We went to high school together! I love the quote you used I feel as if a lot of people have this big secret they try to cover up and how much doing so really hurts them.