Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First blog posts!

Hello students, and welcome to our class blog.  I hope you will enjoy sharing and writing here, and more importantly, be able to express and understand different points of views and interpretations as we learn together.

For your first post here, do two things.

1-- Introduce yourself a bit.  Remind us of some things about you from our introductions and interviews that we did in class.

2--  In another paragraph, respond to today's essay by Scott Russell Sanders.  Start your response with a direct quote from the essay (please don't use anything from the first two pages; get deeper into the essay for your passage).  Why did this writer share this very personal story?  What struck you the most about his writing?  Why?

So that's your assignment and this is Exploration Three.


You must be signed in correctly from your Gmail.  If you are, your Gmail address will appear in the upper right of the blog.

Next to this, you will see a clickable icon called New Post.  This is what you must click if you want to write a post to the blog.

You may write your post in Word and copy and paste it to the blog, but you may have to click the Edit HTML tab just long enough to paste the text into the blog.  Then you can go back to Compose to edit it.  I will show you this in class.

You can come back to your post at any time to revise and change and add to it.  So if you do not finish you can always post it, and then come back later to write and/or revise more.  You do this by clicking on the pencil icon.

I will also ask you to write Replies to other writers' posts on the blog.  This way, we can share and talk with each other about the topics in class and our experiences.  To do this, you must hit the Reply feature.  We will practice this in class.

I'd like you to reply to THREE other writers in the class.

Have fun!     Mike

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