Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exploration Three

Hello everyone! It’s Leon Ninham Ollie Bird-Conliff, the fellow with the really long name. Just as a little reminder as to who I am, I am a professional actor and in my free time I like to write scripts and plays. Currently I am working on my second book, Necropolis, and at the same time I am starring in a show at the Little Theatre Off Broadway in Grove City. If you’re interested feel free to comment and ask about more details and I’ll send you dates and times. Well, that’s me. If you keep forgetting who I am just think of me as the guy who sits next to Mike every day.

“’No!’ he roared. ‘Don’t you budge or I’ll jerk a knot in your tails!’” (Sanders 196). Clearly Mr. Sanders had a lot of pain built up from the years of dealing with someone like his father. I think he was trying to get all of the painful memories out in the open so he could face them. When things are bottled up inside you tend to want to hide from them, much like his father did with his Alcoholism, he was afraid to face it. What I personally liked about it was the honesty that I could feel in the story. A lot of stories about these things tend to come off like cheesier public service announcements but because Sanders was very honest about what happened in his life I was able to connect better with him and understand where he was coming from.

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  1. Man, I'm guessing you're a theatre-related major? If so, congratulations on already doing what you enjoy.