Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploration 3

Hi my name is Raymond Gordon and I'm from Westerville and my major is Criminal Justice. I also work at Smoothie King and have an older brother who is a senior at OSU.

"We had also seen evidence of that in our father, who could multiply seven-digit numbers in his head when sober but when drunk could not help us with fourth-grade math." I chose this quote because it shows in a small part just how much alcohol changed the father, from really smart to basically useless. The reason that I believe the writer wrote this in a way to deal with his own pain and suffering toward the subject of his father. However the thing that in a way struck me in this essay is how the narrator never once says or mentions any good times that he had with his father all he mentions is the pain and suffering.


  1. I didn't realize that he never mentioned and good times he had with his father. Nice job recognizing that.

  2. I really thought that was an interesting scene in the essay because a child almost always looks up to the parents or older siblings and that fact there father couldn't help with that would impact me also. Almost make it seem like dad wasn't even there.