Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Megan Morgan Blog 1

My name is Megan Morgan, and I am a sophomore here at The Ohio State University. I am majoring in fashion and retail studies. I transferred to Ohio State last winter, and before that I went to Kent State for a semester. While I was at Kent State I was on the cheerleading team. I am transferring to the Columbus campus next quarter. I participate in the Fashion Student Organization club on the Columbus campus. I am the manager at L.A Tan in Delaware. I have been working there for about 8 months. I really enjoy hanging out with friends, and attending Ohio State football games.

“I am only trying to understand the corrosive mixture of helplessness, responsibility, and shame that I learned to feel as the son of an alcoholic”. This sentence really stood out to me because I could relate to it. My father was, and still is an alcoholic and I know the feeling of helplessness, and also the feeling of what did I do wrong. The author talked about on page 193 how he tried to get good grades, and be a good athlete, and do work around the house, and I also related to this because as hard as I tried I also felt like it wasn’t good enough. My father is not the extent of the author’s father, but I a lot of his ways remind me of my dad.


  1. Great post. I feel like in some way all of could relate this story back to someone we know. The person doesn't even have to be an alcoholic. There are so many addictions out there that people face. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thats cool you were on the cheerleading team, and you manage a store. I don't think I've known anyone your age and already a manager, so keep up the solid work.

  3. What made you want to transfer to OSUM? Fashion sounds really fun! What design classes are you taking for that?