Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Response to Exploration 3

Hey guys, my name is Courtney Endicott. I am a freshman this year and my Major is Business, eventually I plan on getting my degree in Advertisement. I graduated this spring from Pleasant High School here in Marion Ohio. 108 people in a graduation class makes for a small school where every body knows everything, and that makes for a lot of drama. But I'm glad to be here at OSUM meeting new people and finding new interests.

"When Father was drinking, the house, too, became a minefield. The least bump could set off either parent." This quote describes the sense of unease in his household as a child. Explaining that any small thing could possibly make either his mom or his drunken dad angry. No child should have to grow up in an environment where they do not feel they can make any mistakes. This essay was very powerful, for someone to tell such an intimate part of their life, is an amazing thing. I would imagine that it was a great release for Sanders, like exhaling a breath he was holding in for many years. Sanders writes with lots of figurative language and I think that this way of writing makes his message more powerful.


  1. Good job. I always wanted to go to Ohio state too

  2. I know what you mean by a small school and how everyone knows enerybody. My graduating class was only 75.

  3. I am also graduated this year during the spring. And I understand exactly how you feel, my class was also around 100 people.