Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exploration Three

Hi everyone. I am Ryan Storc and I'm from Westerville, I graduated from Bishop Watterson High School, and I plan to major in Athletic Training. I am a manager at Charleys Grilled Sub. I like to Golf all the time and really just being active.

I asked my mother if she ever spoke of his drinking to friends. "No, no, never," she replied hastily. "I couldn't bear for anyone to know." I chose this quote because this show the humiliation that the family feels from their fathers addiction, especially the mother, even though they are not the ones who have the addiction. This also is a prime example of how alcoholism affect the whole family and not just the alcoholic. I think the writer shared his story because he wants to show the tragedies that a family can face if someone important to them has a problem with alcohol. Also, I feel he shared this story with us because he might be trying to help keep other people from becoming alcoholics by telling us all the problems that come with being an alcoholic. The thing that struck me most about his writing was his courage to reminisce all the bad memories he had and tell us in good detail those memories he had.


  1. I really enjoyed that quote too. It almost seems like she was embarrassed to even speak of her drunken husband.

  2. I'm not sure if he wrote this to try and keep other people from trying to be alcoholics. I think it was more of him using writing to help release his emotions from his father's disease.