Friday, October 7, 2011

Tim Millisor

Since I was a junior in high school; I was moved by one specific artist in music. Scott Mescudi "Kid Cudi" was an inspiration to me. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio which is why he's always repping the Indians hat. He struggled through life dropping out of school, and college but became a huge success with his mixtape "A Kid Named Cudi." After he dropped the mix, he was on his way being a star after getting signed by Kanye West and GOOD records.I can relate to what he says in his songs and I always have him playing on my IPod. He refers to himself as, "Moon Man, and Mr. Solo Dolo" because noone understands him, and he feels like he's always alone in the world. Kid Cudi is a real talk artist; he talks about the struggles in his life, and how he can overcome them. He uses a complicated story, but when you understand his words, it will say it all. I too feel like I'm misunderstood, and noone gets me. I can sometimes be weird, and I always feel like an outkast. He has shown me thats it's alright to stick out, and just keep doing you, and live your style. I put on his music and it always speaks to me. Music is for everyone; You have to go with a style that suits you. If your not interested in music it's because you haven't found the style you like, not because you just don't like it.


  1. huge fan of Kid Cudi aka "Cudder." He is very unique in his songs and he has a great message that it's cool to stand out and be different. Good Post.

  2. I agree that music can do alot for people. Everyone jsut has to find the right song that just moves them off their feet.

  3. I didn't know he was from Ohio, cool. I agree Kid Cudi definately has powerful messages in his music that speak to alot of people.