Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exploration Three

Hello my name is Abby Craig and I am from Marysville. I am attending OSU Marion for a degree in business. A recent book I’ve read is Kite Runner and my favorite singer is John Mayer.

“…our father, who could multiply seven-digit numbers in his head when sober but when drunk could not help us with fourth-grade math.” This was an interesting quote to me because ever since I was a child my dad has helped me with my math homework. It must have been difficult for Scott Russell Sanders to grow up without a father who he could look to for help and advice. What struck me the most about his writing was how well he was able to rationalize his father addiction to alcohol. Sanders was able to confront the issue and learn from it despite how personal the story was. He probably shared his story so that other people in the same position could relate to and learn from his experiences.

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