Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our brainstorming on Happiness and creating inner peace

Here is our list that we came up with in class, plus a few I thought of to add to this.  If you have more ideas that came to you, can you please add them in the comments below so we have a more complete list.  I find things like this to be very encouraging and helpful, because it makes me realize we have it within our grasp to change our lives and create a sense of peace and well-being.  To me, this is a wonderfully hopeful thing to realize.  Thanks all!


1. We need to work on creating communities.  It helps us not feel lonely and gives a sense of teamwork to life.
2.  We should do things that make us happy and give us joy.  This could be doing things we have a passion for.
3.  Practice meditation.  Find quiet time to relax and find new ideas.
4.  Maintain or create a healthy prayer life.  Relationship with God through religious practice.
5.  Be thankful.  Give thanksgiving, and not only on the holiday.
6.  The power of now.  Don't be too anxious or speculate overmuch on the future.  It can be crippling.
7.  Keep communication open, even when there is conflict.  Silence can create and maintain barriers.  Listen to people, even when you don't always want to.
8.  Praise and worship is a big thing for many religious groups, or create a form of worship that fits your own beliefs.
9.   Music.  Either making it or listening to it.  Along these lines, being creative or involving yourself in the Arts or something that involves creative work, is very fulfilling for some.
10.  Exercise.  There is a connection between physical health and mental and spiritual well being.
11.  Avoid the gossip or negative news culture when you need a break.  Keep your hope and motivation strong by focusing on more positive things.
12.  Get to know and spend time in the natural world.
13.  Be around animals.  Take care of one or visit one's world.
14.  Provide service to others.  Get the focus off of yourself.  Pay it forward!
15.  Laugh.  Humor is a great thing and perks us up.
16.  Get around children.  They are awesome and remind us of the power of life and innocence.

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