Friday, October 7, 2011

KJ 52

KJ 52 is a role model for many young people.

His birth name is Jonah Sorrentino. He grew up in a rough childhood with a broken home. He became involved with drugs, alcohol, and sex at a very young age. KJ 52 had a very rough life and saw no hope of changing his life for the better.

One day, an uncle asked him to look into Christ, at only the age of 15. After becoming a reborn again Christian his life changed. Even though rap music often has struggles; KJ 52 was still going to go forth with the music and had the strength from God. Even though there are many temptations that follow the music industry, KJ 52 has stayed clean from it all.

This just is inspiring to me to know that even if people have these horrible lives, with no hope, that there is a way to make it better. Sometimes people just look in the wrong places for help. People don't realize that money is not always the answer. KJ 52 is a role model and shows people what they need to look up to, if people would just believe in something they may not 100% completely understand.


  1. I'm a huge fan of KJ and his songs. At my youth group we always look to others for inspiration especially in the media and KJ is definitely a good one to look at. Great Post

  2. KJ-52 is really sweet! I love his Mountain Dew song!

  3. Just goes to show, people can turn their life around at a young age. Good Post

  4. I love KJ-52! I saw him in person at the Revolve tour one year and will always remember it! Along with Hawk Nelson!

  5. Its so cool that KJ writes Christian rap. Clean rap is hard to find these days and its great that kids have KJ's music to listen to as an alternative. Nice post.