Friday, October 7, 2011

The Amanda Knox Trial

The story is about 3 women and a man who were out late and shared flats. Guede, Knox, Sollecito, and Kercher were all the people apart of the crime. Kercher is the one who was murdered. She was stabbed 47 times strangled and abused sexually. Guede claims to have been in the shower listening to his music while the murder progressed next door. He fled the country after discovering her fate in fear. (Or so he claimed). His fingerprints along with Knox's were found on the knife used to kill Kercher. His DNA was also found on her body. The footprints of Knox and Sollecito covered in blood were found at the scene of the crime. None of this evidence was enough to keep the girls in jail. Knox was found not guilty, and Guede is spending 30 reduced to 16 years in prison. She even confessed to being in the room during the night of the murder.

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  1. wow thats pretty crazy.. I never heard about that trial